Totally inappropriate but appropriate goodies

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Give me anything that reads something highly inappropriate and I am all over it.

My two latest favourite finds do this perfectly.

Thimble and Bobbin and Jolly Awesome Art.

Thimble and Bobbin bare some very wise and inspiring words for us ladies, they are very much suited to myself and my girls after a gin or 5 - Just call us Destinys Child (if they couldn't sing..)

'Ghetto Fabulous Meets Granny Chic' 

I want to be reminded of the question "What would Beyonce do?" as I reach for that extra square of chocolate - Actually I don't think this would stop be but isn't it FABULOUS?!

If Fetch ever happened, these would so be it.

A major downfall of mine is card shopping; I could spend hours reading every single hilarious card to then have about 256784 to choose from. Jolly Awesome makes this a lot easier, with the ability to swag up a pigeon and suddenly make them cool, you can't beat them for fantastic cards. Me and my boyfriend simultaneously bought jolly cards for each other this year, its nice to see what he thinks I resemble... 

So don't be afraid to channel your inner ghetto goddess/god and go and check these goodies out



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