The Vogue Factor

There is nothing that excites me more than a bookshop. As a little one, I would get so excited at the thought of Waterstones I would almost wee myself. My mum could leave me in the colourful corner, do the whole of her shop and return to me happily sitting in a beanbag with my head in a book. 

This is still the same now, except you won't find me in the kids section in a beanbag, as that would just be weird (sadly.) So in being a grown up book worm, you will now find me power walking through town with my latest literary purchase to get home and pop the kettle on. 

Fashion books get me every time, when there is a woman and a pair of shoes involved, consider it sold. The Vogue factor was my latest read and it was bloody brilliant!

Deciding to study fashion at uni was a hard one, the thought of a class full of high fashion, bitchy girls was not my cup of tea, luckily it wasn't like this at all and I had an absolute ball, but the fashion industry? well that's just a completely different ball game altogether.

Any look into behind the scenes of fashion gets me all excited and this book is spot on for that. 

It is an honest account from Kirstie Clements who was editor at Australian Vogue. 
From its brutal lows to unimaginable highs, for anyone who wants to work in fashion, it is a must for your reading list. 

From the outside, the fashion industry looks like the most luxurious, glamorous and fantastic world to be apart of, I imagine it can be so amazing at times but its rare to see the other side to it; The ugly side, it's as if we know its there but we choose to ignore it. 

Kirstie says it how it is and you can easily imagine every scene and harsh comment, which makes it such a page turner and refreshing to read.

Fashion bunnies, if you haven't already, GET THIS BOOK!

It makes you admire all the extremely hard work that goes into creating a magazine, a photoshoot, a catwalk show and want to hug every busy bee behind the scenes, especially Kirstie. 

What a women, what a book.



  1. That sounds really interesting- and I am not even interested in the fashion industry per se but I imagine written by a former Vogue editor this just must be good! They say the devil wears prada was largely based on Anna Wintour's interns but one never knows how real parts are, so this one seems a lot more interesting and I think I will give it a go :)
    Nice to see someone else getting so excited at the thought of Waterstones :) I have just written a blog post on bestseller books that have been highly surprising/disappointing and seeing as you are a book enthusiast, I would love to know your answer as well :) xx

    Seven Days

  2. It is definitely worth a read! I will have a snoop at your post now :)

    Jade x


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