The best Italian Around!

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"CARBS, GET THEM AWAY" I hear you cry. I am afraid that is far from what is happening over here.

After reading Eat, Pray, Love it became one of my missions to go to Italy and eat carbs and gelato until my jeans no longer fit; Sadly this still hasn't happened. By that I mean Italy, I have definitely managed to make my jeans not fit..

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about a little gem that I discovered Saturday. In amongst the bustle of Wellfield road, you will find a little pasta restaurant with steamy windows and a divine smell that you will be met with half way down the road.

With Italian accents and long stringy pasta being served as we walked in, I was in love already. Armed with bottles of wine (Its a bring your own policy) we marveled at the menu and took our pick.

We chose a handful of starters and I ordered the pasta special which was an Italian sausage pasta in a dreamy, creamy sauce.

Down to my indecisiveness the waitress even came out with the most amazing big trays of freshly made pasta for me to pick from.

Then the starters came. Warm, squidgy bread with olive oil, olives, calamari and the most amazing aubergine bake. We wolfed it down in minutes!

I didnt manage to take a picture of my main as I was too preoccupied but it was a gorgeous, rich, creamy dish scattered with chunks of sausage.

But then came the best part..dessert.
You can see the chef preparing all the dishes and the precision that goes into the presentation is amazing! Our dessert platter was to die for. I went for the chocolate torte with pistachio ice-cream; So just imagine it, a hot, molten chocolate sauce oozing out of a perfect bundle of chocolateness, topped with a dollop of pistachio ice-cream - I don't think I even stopped to breathe. We also had panecotta which was equally as mouth watering.

The staff were brilliant and so passionate about food which makes the atmosphere of the place amazing. We were the last to skip out, all full up and content. 

Now I feel my Eat, Pray, Love mission is complete, as I definitely came away having to unbutton my jeans...SUCCESS!

I couldn't recommend this place enough, So Roath/Penylan folk



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