Bring on the Burgers

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 I have always admired a good burger and with niche little restaurants popping up everywhere. the foodie in me thought it was about time to indulge in some burger time. I never knew what all the fuss was about, until I made a visit to Honest Burgers.

One very tough decision you are faced with when visiting London is 'WHERE TO EAT?' Luckily, I was visiting with the biggest burger enthusiast I know, so that whittled it down to a handful of meaty places to pick from. After a quick Instagram search to judge who had the best chips, Honest Burgers had won our vote.

As shopping is the hardest cardio around, by 3pm our bellies were rumbling and we were in much need of some good grub and a gin.

I went for the chicken burger and Sophie went for the beef special, every mouthful was followed by a sigh of utter delight from both of us, then an even bigger sigh when we managed to stuff a chip in the side, they were the most glorious sticks of salty goodness! I inhaled it all rather quickly and had an amazing honest cocktail to wash it down with. 

So from this moment forward, I can now confirm I have been converted to the burger side. 

Pray for my waistline



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