The Perfect Cuppa

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I am a lover of wales and all things welsh, but I am about to betray my nationality and claim that I have a new favourite tea, that isn't welsh...

Unfortunately another place beat them to it - The Cornish.

Say hello to Smugglers Brew.

There is nothing I enjoy more than a well brewed tea and have recently figured I am quite the teabag snob; It needs to be brewed just right and have a good orangey colour to it, still be a bit milky and finished with a big dollop of honey - Pretty complex huh?!

Perfecting a good cuppa is like an art, and these guys have got it down to a tea, they even tell you how to make the perfect brew on the box just so you don't forget. (As a top procrastinator, their box is fantastic and packed full of fun stuff to read while you glug.)

So smugglers Brew has won my vote for the best tea.

After living in Falmouth for a couple of years and falling in love with it, Cornwall will always have a place in my heart and now my mug.

Tea lovers, You've got to try it.



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