Flapjack Day

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From previous posts you may have seen my baking disaster...I HAD ONE JOB! I managed to grill my office bake off and almost burn my flat down..but that was a while ago! For the last two weeks while I have been sitting in front of my screen like a dribbling mastiff, Mary Berry inspired me to put the apron back on. 

The Mr has taken up cycling and frequently returns from the shops with handfuls of flapjacks for the ride, after a quick sneak of the ingredients I knew that a Jady could take on this one.

After reading a few recipes I got the idea and planned my oatelicious concoction.

For these nawty bois you will need:

200g Unsalted butter
200g Demerara sugar
200g Honey
400g Jumbo rolled oats
50g Hazelnuts/Cranberries
A big bar of the best dark chocolate you can get your furry mits on.

Now my attention span is very little when it comes to complicated recipes, so you will be pleased to know this one is VERY easy to make, hence why I chose it...

SO, butter up your baking tray good and proper, put some grease proof paper in and preheat your oven at 180C/350F/Gas 4.

Measure all your ingredients out, then put the butter, sugar and honey in a saucepan and heat, stirring occasionally, once this is all dissolved, bung the rest of the ingredients in and stir away. 

Once this is all mixed up and looking like the best hot, sticky mess you have ever seen, in the words of Rhi Rhi it is time to Pour It Up, Pour It Up, That's how we ball out just don't Throw it, throw it up, Watch it all fall out because this would be a tragedy or if you don't listen to Rihanna and don't have a clue what I'm talking about just pour it into the tray and give it a pat.

Then have a dance around the kitchen for about 15-20 minutes and let the scent engulf you into its flapjack haven. Depending on how good/bad your oven is this may not apply, so just make sure that it's nice and crisp around the edges and still a little soft in the center when you take it out. I may have had a tiny issue with this..

Then go dance some more and by the time you have returned they should be cooled and ready for the best bit. 

Heat your chocolate on the stove until it transforms into a sweet, succulent substance - then it's time to get messy. I like to keep it professional with a spoon and make some arty swishes but this is entirely up to you - alternatively you can cut it into chunks and give it a dunking on one end - whatever floats your boat.

Not quite the masterpiece I had in mind..

So that ladies and gentlemen is the easiest flapjack recipe you will ever see and the perfect indulgent treat for your lunchbox. 

On that note, one must now grab a cuppa and commence into a flapjack faceplant.

seee yaaaa


The Perfect Cuppa

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I am a lover of wales and all things welsh, but I am about to betray my nationality and claim that I have a new favourite tea, that isn't welsh...

Unfortunately another place beat them to it - The Cornish.

Say hello to Smugglers Brew.

There is nothing I enjoy more than a well brewed tea and have recently figured I am quite the teabag snob; It needs to be brewed just right and have a good orangey colour to it, still be a bit milky and finished with a big dollop of honey - Pretty complex huh?!

Perfecting a good cuppa is like an art, and these guys have got it down to a tea, they even tell you how to make the perfect brew on the box just so you don't forget. (As a top procrastinator, their box is fantastic and packed full of fun stuff to read while you glug.)

So smugglers Brew has won my vote for the best tea.

After living in Falmouth for a couple of years and falling in love with it, Cornwall will always have a place in my heart and now my mug.

Tea lovers, You've got to try it.

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