I love Santorini.

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Upon my discovery through pinterest, its sugercube-like houses clinging to the cliffs over the glistening, blue sea had me instantly hooked; Santorini was a place I HAD to visit.

We were situated in Perissa which is near the bottom of the island, known for its black sandy beaches and mountainous backdrop.

I trawled the internet for fun stuff to do before we went but couldn't find much, so here's what I recommend:

Take a trip up the mountain to Ancient Thira, this can be walked or done the traditional way by the jingling donkeys. It is best to do it early in the morning to avoid frying on the way up. Once you reach the top and get your breath back, you will be met with the most amazing views! Perissa one side of the mountain, Kamari the other. To see Ancient Thira there is a small fee of 2 euros. Rock, history and scenery lovers will be in heaven. We flip flopped up the mountain but would advise taking good walking shoes and its best to leave your fear of heights at the bottom.

Shopping lovers, this is the place for you. A 30 minute bus ride from Perissa will find you in the main hub of Santorini, it can get very busy with tourists loving life and snapping away at the views, so if you prefer the quiet areas, this may not be your cup of tea. It is a bit more pricey here but has stunning views of the caldera, it can get a tad bit windy so I wouldn't advise wearing a majorly flowy dress like I did...

Gods Garden.
This traditional little Greek restaurant can be found on the way to the beach in Perissa. The food, service and atmosphere was perfect and with a litre of Greek wine for around 7 euros, whats not to love? 
Also look out for the moody cat who gives you the sad eyes whilst eyeing up your plate..

Situated right on the beach with hammocks and comfy chairs galore, it is the perfect spot for lunch or drinks. I am a big salad fan and when I spotted the super size salads on the menu, I was all over it. Little did I know that my dish had probably caused a shortage of lettuce in the world - It was honestly the biggest and best salad I have ever seen, with chunky pieces of chicken and mango hidden throughout, it was like a never ending mango treasure hunt.

Dorians bar/Grandma's recipes.
For very well priced lunch and cocktails this is the place - The gyros from grandma's are a must! A 30cm pitta filled with your choice of meat and tzatziki. It is also the perfect spot for an evening cocktail (or 5.)

The dream catcher catamaran.
95 euros may seem quite steep for a boat trip but I would recommend it to anyone who visits the island and is worth every penny. Starting off at Oia (which is the picturesque, gorgeous place you see in most of the photos ) you then sail through the caldera, seeing where bits of mama mia was filmed and historic little places that the captain tells you all about, you also stop off to swim in the hot springs - the captain mentioned that the springs have anti aging properties and with that, I think every woman stripped off and jumped into the sea. There is a free flowing bar and delicious bbq, you then sail on to watch the most incredible sunset. We did this on the last day of our holiday which ended it on such a high.

There are a range of different boat trips at all different prices, depending on what sort of thing you fancy. The history of the island is fascinating and there are numerous museums and trips that will tell you all about it.  

We booked through olympic holidays who were great, they have all the different trips which they can arrange for you which mainly include transfers from your hotel.

In terms of eating, we found that it was generally cheaper to eat out as the supermarkets can be quite expensive. Our average meal spend for 2 with wine was around 35 euros.
Also if you visit you MUST try the cherry tomato's, they are the best in the world!

If you haven't been yet, get it on your holiday list! 


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