The time I went to Vietnam (Swansea, not Asia...)

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When my mum announced on my 17th birthday that we were going to Vietnam for my birthday meal, I was rather unenthusiastic about it "You go ahead without me" to which I probably sat at home on MSN with a bowl of cereal instead.

Jano raves about this place and brings it up at least once a year with me managing to change the subject rather quickly. This time she put me in a tricky situation - HER big day. As the biggest fan of birthdays, I know more than anyone the rules that go with it; What the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets. So there we were standing outside Vietnam. Now I know you should never judge a book by its cover but I do. Same with wine - If your bottle has a penguin wearing sunglasses on the front, consider it sold, to the girl who judges covers ( Or who did...)

So, after walking through the door into a tiny little room that smelt of noodles, I had almost inspected all of the quirky Vietnamese pictures before being seated by a very sweet and polite waitress - Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all..

After a glug or 2 of wine, any negative thoughts slowly faded away as I feasted my eyes on the most magnificent menu, which had me at pineapple, chicken and £6 in the same sentence. 

Shortly after ordering pretty much the whole menu, we were met with dishes upon dishes of the most delicious smelling Vietnamese goodies. I was suddenly a dab hand at chop sticks, this must have been my tummy telling my brain - "You can do this, grab that sweet piece of chicken before someone else does" and there I was, a pro at chop sticking and stuffing my face. 

So, I won't talk you through every utterly fantastic mouth-full, but can honestly say it was one of the most gorgeous and most reasonably priced meals I have ever had. 

Then came the best bit... The Vietnamese iced coffee - seriously hold on to your coffee beans for this one. This would put any coffee chain to shame, every slurp was like heaven, that unfortunately ended in about 10 seconds and a near brain freeze due to excitement. 

So not only did I have one of the best meals EVER, I learnt that you don't need chandeliers, cutlery and a grand piano to have one.

Swansea folks, if you haven't been yet I would highly recommend a visit!

Address: 36 Uplands Crescent, Swansea SA2 0PG

Be sure to book as it is very small and gets full rather quick.

Just one tip- I would not advise wearing leather trousers.

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