Final Bake Off

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After weeks of indulgent Tuesdays of tea and cake, it was up to Helen to create the final Tayberry bake off. I think it is safe to say she really gave it some welly... 

Say Hello to one of our best wellies Tara in cake form. 

The resemblance was so good, I don't think anyone would have noticed if I replaced it with an actual Tara and kept this one for myself...

My favorite smell in the whole world is fruit cake in the oven, being stuffed with its fruity goodness was compulsory for all of Christmas when I was little, which makes it one of my all time favorites.
 I was sold after being told the fruit was soaked in apple and mango juice, which explained the deliciously gooey center, it was like a chunk of heaven with a thick layer of colorful marzipan icing to make it even more heavenly.

I am afraid our wellies aren't edible and good for dunking into a cup of tea but they can provide you with endless dunking into muddy puddles which can be equally as fun, especially with festival season coming up!

You can get some for yourself here:

I hope you have enjoyed seeing our Tayberry Bake off as much as we have enjoyed baking and eating them. I am sure we will find another good enough reason to bake up a Tayberry storm soon!

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