Final Bake Off

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After weeks of indulgent Tuesdays of tea and cake, it was up to Helen to create the final Tayberry bake off. I think it is safe to say she really gave it some welly... 

Say Hello to one of our best wellies Tara in cake form. 

The resemblance was so good, I don't think anyone would have noticed if I replaced it with an actual Tara and kept this one for myself...

My favorite smell in the whole world is fruit cake in the oven, being stuffed with its fruity goodness was compulsory for all of Christmas when I was little, which makes it one of my all time favorites.
 I was sold after being told the fruit was soaked in apple and mango juice, which explained the deliciously gooey center, it was like a chunk of heaven with a thick layer of colorful marzipan icing to make it even more heavenly.

I am afraid our wellies aren't edible and good for dunking into a cup of tea but they can provide you with endless dunking into muddy puddles which can be equally as fun, especially with festival season coming up!

You can get some for yourself here:

I hope you have enjoyed seeing our Tayberry Bake off as much as we have enjoyed baking and eating them. I am sure we will find another good enough reason to bake up a Tayberry storm soon!

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Bake Off Round 4

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Tuesday mornings can be pretty tough in the office. This is because you know there is a scrummy dessert hiding somewhere in the building, but indulging in that much sugar any time before 11 seems naughty...this is why we wait until it is at least 11:01 then it is totally acceptable.

Now I am a huge fan of bread and all its siblings but I am reluctant to try and bake it -  I have seen how they beat that poor dough around the place, I just don't think I would have it in me to treat any form of food in that way, which is why I will quite happily leave it to the professionals to beat up my bread for me, however to my delight Debbie and her bread machine had it sorted, which meant that this week we were presented with a doughie delight in the shape of a Tayberry. 

Made up of buttery brioche buns, her easy to tear and share manner made her a very welcome guest in the office.

I couldn't wait to get stuck in, I opted for one of her leaves and I can assure you, if all leaves were this delicious and covered in chocolate, I would promise to never complain about autumn and the weather getting colder ever again. 

If you are now needing some brioche in your life or some other truly delicious goodies then have a look at this blog -

I apologize in advance if you dribble on your key board..

Also keeping in the spirit of berries, last Tuesday saw one of my favorite days of the year - a WHOLE day dedicated to eating pancakes, whats not to flippin love about that? Anyway we thought it would be rude not to participate with some Tayberry inspired pancakes.


Bake Off Round 3

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When it comes to baking, I do everything by the book/ by the gram -From experience, shoving any amount of ingredients in is just a recipe for disaster - Not a tasty cake. 

With the Virgo in me absolutely loving this, I measured everything out accurately, cut my baking paper with precise measuring and took my time on every little thing, in the meantime my oven was warming the kitchen up a treat - YES THIS IS GOING TO BE PERFECT...or so I thought.

Everything was going swimmingly, until a burning aroma started to fill the air...Yep, that was me GRILLING my bake off.

With sheer panic and no ingredients left, I had to attempt to fix the disaster that was staring at me with sad, black eyes.
LUCKILY, I managed to save what I could, if she would have been grilled for any longer, it would have been bye bye burnt brownies.

So once baked correctly and cooled, it was time to cut them into generous chunks of brownie goodness, in order to create my little gardening treats. With a flash of Tayberry Magenta, they were finished and ready to be tested..

They seemed to go down well in the office regardless of their 'well cooked' edge, thankfully the middle still had its dense, brownie consistency. 

I have come to realise in times of stress, there is nothing a scrummy brownie won't fix, besides Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts, so surely treats are now justified.

If you would like to indulge in some chocolately goodness, they sure will settle any sweet craving, this is where I got my inspiration:

I have made these before and minus the grilling part, they actually are the best ever brownies, especially warmed with a dollop of ice-cream


Try it and see for yourself


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