Tayberry Bake Off Week One

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There is no justification needed when it comes to cake, after all it must be somebodys birthday somewhere in the world, so with that, we would like to raise our forks to anyone who has ever had a birthday...

We love getting a bit muddy here at Tayberry, especially if that getting muddy involves a big, gooey chocolatey mud cake. After countless bake-off inspired discussions we thought it was time to do our very own.
One Rule: It has to be Tayberry themed.

First up was Helen and her mud cake - A heavenly layered chocolate cake, smothered in a delicious fudgey icing. Some naughty little critter had been circling the top in his wellies, he was definitely hoping for a spoon full.

So after many hours of watching the clock to see if it was teatime yet, 4pm finally arrived and with it brought a pot of tea and plates and napkins (We were going to need them for this mud feast.)
So with our hands firmly on our mugs of tea, we had our forks and wellies at the ready to delve in.


We have decided on one a week to save us from rolling out of the office on a Friday, tea and cake for the next 6 weeks doesn't sound too grueling, I think I could get used to this.

All this chocolate talk is making my mouth water, Lucky I have some sweet smelling brownies cooking up a sugary storm in the oven.

I planned this one well.


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  1. That cookie is so yummy! haha



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