Bake Off Round 2

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T is for Tasty apple pie fries dunked in warm custard

and Tayberry of course...

After having a manic couple of weeks with a visit to Moda and Beta in between, sadly meant that our Tayberry Bake off had to be put on hold. Now we are back into the full swing of it and what better way to return, than with a warm batch of freshly baked apple pie fries, with a choice of hot custard or cream for soaking up all that delicious goodness.

We are a fan of adding that Tayberry Twist to our products, so why would we stop at baking? Putting a sweet twist on the idea of french fries made them MUCH more exciting. 
Moreish apple pies compact into sumptuous, little sticks making it incredibly easy for dunking into a cup of custard, cream or tea -  A perfect afternoon treat in the office.

We didn't get to take many pictures because we were too busy munching, but if like me your taste buds are now tingling, then I am sure you can imagine how well these treats went down.

Here is where Susan got her inspiration:

There are lots of other goodies on here to make you want to get straight in to the kitchen!

The competition is getting hotter and it is my turn next...EEEK!

Wish Me Luck



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