The Booby Trap

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If I was a man I would definitely be 'A Boob Man' or just a 'Curve Man' in general. I promise I am not a creepy perv, I am just fascinated by the female form.

I looked in depth at this in my final collection, but to the more subtle areas of the female body that aren't the obvious, like the back of the neck, the wrists, the curve of the back and it made me feel extremely lucky to be a woman. Penis - No Thank You.

So with this, you will more than likely find me with my nose in a book that is either to do with feminism, vaginas, boobs or something similar. I am not a raging, man hating feminist or a lesbian, just to clarify. WOMEN ARE JUST BRILLIANT.

With the success of my last read - Vagina by Naomi Wolf, now that the lower body region was sorted, it was time to read about the upper region - Boobs, funbags, tits, whatever you like to call them. I heard there was a book about them, so in an instant I was all over that.

The Booby Trap and other bits and boobs edited by Dawn O'wonderful(Porter) is a brilliant book that makes you want to give yourself (and your tits) a massive hug. It is a compilation of short stories all about boobs, that will have you either chuckling or welling up. It is all in aid of charity, so no matter how skint you are, this book is allowed because you are doing a good deed.

What astounds me and makes me feel amazed/sad, is how these glorious chesticles can have the power to nurture and bring life to a tiny, little human but can also be the death of one. I think a majority of people know of someone who has had their life effected in some way by Breast cancer, whether it is a family member, a friend or even themselves. I think bringing awareness to this cause is rife in kicking cancer in the balls - CANCER NO ONE LIKES YOU. I feel my boobs wince at the mention of the word that I feel we should whisper it.

Breast cancer effects 1 in 9 women, I know more than 9 women and this fact scares me, to think that one of them or myself could suffer from this illness doesn't bare thinking about. I understand that we can't put a stop to breast cancer completely, but we can help beat it by supporting charities that dedicate all their time in preventing women from dying from this, by improving early diagnosis, discovering new treatments and getting everyone aware about the importance of having a good ole feel of your puppies just to be safe.

There is a section at the end of the book that shows you signs to be cautious of, and how to check your boobs correctly without it looking like you are feeling yourself up.

I have checked in my local area for any fundraisers coming up and there is one to jiggle your jugs too this Saturday

and a very exciting one in December

So ladies, again I would recommend this lovely read, it will make you appreciate those lovely boobies of yours and feel inspired to help a very important cause.

With that I'd like to make a toast...too tits

Two tits



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