The Booby Trap

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If I was a man I would definitely be 'A Boob Man' or just a 'Curve Man' in general. I promise I am not a creepy perv, I am just fascinated by the female form.

I looked in depth at this in my final collection, but to the more subtle areas of the female body that aren't the obvious, like the back of the neck, the wrists, the curve of the back and it made me feel extremely lucky to be a woman. Penis - No Thank You.

So with this, you will more than likely find me with my nose in a book that is either to do with feminism, vaginas, boobs or something similar. I am not a raging, man hating feminist or a lesbian, just to clarify. WOMEN ARE JUST BRILLIANT.

With the success of my last read - Vagina by Naomi Wolf, now that the lower body region was sorted, it was time to read about the upper region - Boobs, funbags, tits, whatever you like to call them. I heard there was a book about them, so in an instant I was all over that.

The Booby Trap and other bits and boobs edited by Dawn O'wonderful(Porter) is a brilliant book that makes you want to give yourself (and your tits) a massive hug. It is a compilation of short stories all about boobs, that will have you either chuckling or welling up. It is all in aid of charity, so no matter how skint you are, this book is allowed because you are doing a good deed.

What astounds me and makes me feel amazed/sad, is how these glorious chesticles can have the power to nurture and bring life to a tiny, little human but can also be the death of one. I think a majority of people know of someone who has had their life effected in some way by Breast cancer, whether it is a family member, a friend or even themselves. I think bringing awareness to this cause is rife in kicking cancer in the balls - CANCER NO ONE LIKES YOU. I feel my boobs wince at the mention of the word that I feel we should whisper it.

Breast cancer effects 1 in 9 women, I know more than 9 women and this fact scares me, to think that one of them or myself could suffer from this illness doesn't bare thinking about. I understand that we can't put a stop to breast cancer completely, but we can help beat it by supporting charities that dedicate all their time in preventing women from dying from this, by improving early diagnosis, discovering new treatments and getting everyone aware about the importance of having a good ole feel of your puppies just to be safe.

There is a section at the end of the book that shows you signs to be cautious of, and how to check your boobs correctly without it looking like you are feeling yourself up.

I have checked in my local area for any fundraisers coming up and there is one to jiggle your jugs too this Saturday

and a very exciting one in December

So ladies, again I would recommend this lovely read, it will make you appreciate those lovely boobies of yours and feel inspired to help a very important cause.

With that I'd like to make a toast...too tits

Two tits


I Miss Falmouth

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One thing I distinctly remember about uni, was the countless amount of times I said "GET ME TO A CITY!" when the clubs would close at 2 and the high street would consist of the smallest amount of chains, leaving just stand alone, unique, little places that shut their doors bang on 5:30pm. I mean, don't get me wrong I adore living in a city with the buzz and late night openings, but I don't half miss that sleepy, little Cornish town clinging to the end of the UK that was my home for 3 years.

Apart from it being home to the best uni...These were some of my favorite places that I have found myself reminiscing over, that seem impossible to find an equivalent to in a city.

First Up, Provedore. A family run business serving the best coffee and heavenly breakfast, that can honestly put right any sort of hangover. Hot chocolate bowls the size of your head and the most delicious, buttery toast and gooey eggs that will leave you full up and smiling all day. Also it's right next to the launderette, so it's a perfect excuse to spend an hour here whilst you wait for your clothes to dry.

Next up, The Deli. It's gorgeous courtyard makes it the perfect outdoor spot for lunch. It serves the biggest sarnies and home cooked goodies, oozing with deliciousness. A must for anyone who loves good, hearty grub.

Gylly Beach. Being lucky enough study at Woodlane, this idyllic little stretch of beach and its cafe are the perfect get away from any stress. With toast fit to jam a door open (the best kind) it is the perfect environment to relax and enjoy the beautiful view, whatever the season . In the winter, you can snuggle up outside below the heaters with a blankie and wine! Perfect!!

Dolly's tea room. Vintage tearooms that serve tea and cake by day, cocktails in teapots and tapas by night.
Stunning interiors and an array of creative books and magazines, make it very easy to spend a lot of time here, made better by the help of their very cute, golden Labrador.

Beerwolf, alcohol and books, two of my favorite things. Situated in an old looking pub/bookshop, drinking cider surrounded by books, with a stuffed cat looking over you never felt so right! BUT MIND THE STEP OUTSIDE THE TOILETS! although fun to watch, it ain't so fun nearly having a heart attack when you are the one to forget...

The Cove, Maenporth. This is the best restaurant I have EVER been too. My two visit's here I have been blown away. The food, the service, the view - It is all top notch and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Toast, I first set eyes on someone very lovely in here so it will always be a favorite place of mine, and a place I have probably consumed one too many shots of quite different flavors..Jaffa Cake anyone?

St Michaels. This wonderful hotel and spa has just been voted the best in Cornwall and I can definitely see how. This is one of the things I miss the most. Located in the best place, a brisk walk down to the seafront, then a lovely gym session, followed by a swim, hop in the Jacuzzi and a sauna. This will be a gym I compare all others too, they have managed to set the bar prettttyy high!

Espressini. An artisan coffee shop by coffee lovers who really know their stuff. With tons of different blends on offer, I can honestly say it will be one of the best (and prettiest) cappuccinos you will ever have. With local talent exhibited, it is a lovely place to sink in to and really appreciate the creative surroundings of Falmouth, from art to coffee.

Willow & Stone. Anyone's birthday or anything cute needed for the house this is the place to go. From door knobs to glittery postcards, it is a place where it is possible to hear yourself saying something like "Of course I need a cast iron wild bore bell" or something alike. BEWARE!

The coastal walks, a lot of places in Falmouth are just a hop and a skip from the beach, so whether it is sunny or frosty, it is the perfect place to strip off or wrap up and go for an explore along the coastal path, nothing can quite beat that Cornish, sea air.

So overall, Falmouth was where I had some of my happiest and most fun memories. I feel beyond lucky that I was able to study and live in such an amazing place, that will be one of my favorites forever, along with the many wonderful places that make it what it is.

Thank You Cornwall :)

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