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I am not usually one to write a book review but the last book I read was a very interesting one that I want to tell you about.

Vagina by Naomi Wolf.

Apart from the double takes on the train and feeling a bit weird holding it up in the park with kids scooting past, I soon realized that this is one of the points she is trying to make. Why are we so embarrassed by the vagina? 

I caught the Naomi Wolf bug whilst researching the effects of feminism on fashion for my dissertation, I have been intrigued by her wise words ever since. 

So the book itself, there is nothing at all crude about it that some people may expect, in fact it is quite the opposite, it portrays a very realistic view on the vagina that goes much deeper than what we see it as today. It brings an interesting take on how it is portrayed in society both now and in the past, backed up by literature, science, history and creativity, with exhilarating discoveries left, right and center.

I would highly recommend it as a must read for women. Unless it is a chosen field of studying, the physiology behind the vagina isn't really a topic that people know an awful lot about, it seems we unconsciously shy away from it, perhaps down to society highly sexualizing it, but this book really does make you see things from a different perspective and gives you an insight into the female brain (it really is a wonderful thing.)

So ladies, I would definitely put this at the top of your reading list. As a spot of bedtime reading it definitely makes you fall asleep feeling blessed that you've got one of these, and not one of those (penis) and makes you feel like a strong women who can conquer the world at any given time. I am happy to be waving the 'V' flag in my 'V' cape.

All hail Naomi Wolf!!



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