The day I was a wizard

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Now I can't decide whether this is morally wrong, very ungrateful or if it is the curious fashion design graduate in me...but are those robes and hat not the most unflattering, unpractical garms you have ever worn?

Don't get me wrong, feeling like I am embarking on a magical journey to Hogwarts has always been a dream of mine, but wearing these made me think twice about my wizarding future (they would definitely be a fire hazard.)

So back in the day when graduates where predominantly men, would explain why it feels like gear fit for a scrum half with a bald head, as they do a great job at flattening your hair and swamping your frame - Perfect!

So sitting through the ceremony feeling like a wise owl thinking about this, I couldn't help but wonder - even though it is a tradition, if in the future these robes will accommodate women or if they will always be 'unisex'? In saying this, something that I did notice was the amount of stunning footwear to compensate this - Ladies you did well!

So I don't mean to whinge as I quite enjoyed feeling intelligent, and I am completely over the moon that I was lucky enough to gain a degree and had the time of my life doing so, it was just a mere thought that went through my head whilst being strangled by my robe and being given a free face lift by my hat at the ceremony, but robe criticism aside it truly was a fantastic day that I will remember forever. (seating name tag stuck to my robe and all)

 Clearly it was for others too;)

ALSO we were given some very valuable advise before departing which I think I should share with you all...

Never drink red wine before an interview, It gives you black lips. Drink white wine instead.



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