I Miss Whiskers

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Anyone who knew me throughout uni would know that I could be slightly dangerous on a night out with always being fully equipped with a sharpie, disposable camera and one thing in mind -Whiskers. This is not me claiming to be a self confessed cat lady (although I could watch funny cat clips all day) Just saying that anyone who was a victim of my sharpie, then I still won't apologize because we probably had so much fun.

One very hazy memory that sticks out was standing on the stage in a club, with people queuing up for whiskers and then hearing of Facebook updates the next day about lecture halls filled with hungover, whiskered victims. Now this all may sound very immature, but we were students and it was totally acceptable and VERY enjoyable. What makes me sad now, is it would be totally unacceptable to rock up anywhere bearing these feline features.

 Now I know this isn't a new thing, but I am still as desperate as the day I first saw them to get my paws on a pair of Charlotte Olympia kitty shoes...


So if I can no longer get away with a whiskered face, then these are DEFINITELY more acceptable and a good compromise I would say.

This is where I get my inspiration from - Its a cat by the way not a bat, and don't worry she has grown into her ears now and she is much cuter.



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