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So June is speeding along and I can hardly keep up. Uni is coming to a close and people are leaving me already. Friday was our private view and final exhibition which saw some extremely impressive portfolios and designs along with some very strong cocktails and onion bhaji's (Thanks to triple medal winner prits)

Some awards were also given out...I won the most important one...'Best Accent' which i can only thank the mighty jano for - so thanks for blessing me with a welsh accent mummy:) 

swanzee till i die

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FREEDOM. - The words I never thought I would hear.
 After 3 very busy and stressful years it has finally come to an end and now i just wish i could do it all over again. Last week was Freerange in London, and whereas the thought of London usually fills me with dread - Sooty noses, no apologies when you are knocked flying, £7 for a gin and tonic...I was pleasantly surprised and fell in love with its fast pace and late night opening hours. We visited a 24 hour bagel shop at 11:30pm and this was when the love affair with the big city started. 

Free range was lots of fun and i got to see some lovely friends from home. Generous amount of free wine and welsh accents always makes a good evening.

My brilliant, blogger Becky Bees wrote a review here:

In having some free time it has allowed me to look back over my collection and write about each outfit. I already feel all nostalgic and want to do it all again.

 1. Hoody Dress.
This is one of my favorites which came from playing with the concept of changing the dimensions. It was originally one long pattern piece, Staring from the hood and continuing around to the neck hole with a hole in the middle of the pattern to put your legs through. I simplified the pattern and this was the end result. It added a very sporty element to the collection which was accidental but worked very well with all the other pieces.This has a bamboo, high neck, body con dress underneath tight to the figure contrasting with the over sized hoody.

2. Hole leg skirt.
This outfit came from looking at the dimensions of a skirt. Essentially a skirt is one tube, 2 holes. So I experimented with limiting and expanding these. Putting a hole for the leg to come out of and adding extra panels and room for movement made the standard, reversible skirt a lot more interesting.Likewise with the upper body having one tight slinky arm against a sleeveless one.

3. Hooded midi.
For this outfit I placed shapes on the body and cut 4 holes for the arms, neck and legs. I tried them on all body parts until i found the shape that i wanted, then worked into this. It has a very big collar which you can either wear down or pulled up over your head. There is a slinky, bamboo top underneath with snug thumb holes which contrasts nicely with this over sized, comfy dress

4. Drawstring dress.
The inspiration for this dress was similar to the hooded midi but i attached stings inside so when you pulled it, it distorted the shape. From this i kept refining it and decided on a drawstring just under the arm which can be left loose or pulled right to the top for a more ruched effect. At the back of the neck are some super long, hoody strings which move nicely when walking. This also has some very snug, extra long bamboo leggings.

5. Spiral seam dress.
This dress was from my original lineup and was the only survivor. It was the simplest thing but there was something about it that i loved. I changed the seam so instead of going down the sides it spirals from the back neckline around the body to the point at the front. It is in bamboo and double layered so it has a nice weight to it that bounces when you walk.

6. Hooded skirt.
This reminded me a bit of a very contemporary wedding dress. The collection goes gradually from black to white, with this outfit as the last one. It sort of represents my journey of being in the dark and it getting better and better for me. This came again from looking at the dimensions of a skirt and challenging these, so it is still one tube with 2 holes but just changing how it would normally look and work. 

Photographer - Sarah Rebecca Holliday
Model - Marianne Kakko

My song choice was seven nation army, the glitch mob remix

It had a good beat to walk too and added a sort of utility vibe of marching, it still gives me goosebumps when i listen to it.

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These last 2 weeks have been a manic whirl wind and now it is almost all over I am starting to feel quite dizzy. I haven't had a chance to do anything other than work so this is my first chance to put some pictures up from my Shoot!

I was extremely lucky to work with some incredible models and photographers throughout the whole process.

For this shoot:
Photographer - Gavin SF
Model - Marlene Christine Saevareid



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