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So the welly shoes proved to be a nightmare. In refusing to dry and making sure they stuck to everything they could - plastic bags/Clumps of hair/strands of thread...I chose to dump them. The shoe status was single and i was in a mad panic trying to find another to replace the bad ex(shoe).

The sartorialist saved the day! I cant help but to lust over grey dresses with a sturdy flat shoe like a trainer or boot - gets me everytime.

So I started looking at AllStars

But EVERYONE wears converse i hear you cry...EXACTLY! I love that they are so versatile and not just for one type of person/style. So in saying this I have challenged myself to some Ebay bidding (Im terrible and don't get the rules, hence loosing out to the best pair by 8p) But I am learning. I have gone for the completely white leather ones. They are a glorious example of a sophisticated...ish sneaker.

2 Down!....4 to go.

So with these shoes taking their place in my collection I couldn't help but think it added a touch of american highschool to the whole thing - along with the jerseys and sportswear finishes.
So i experimented with my bags by adding a cheeky number 3 in there - Not a fan, it made it look a little gimmicky which the collection isn't about.

Worth a try 



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