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The Virgo in me is loving this time of my life - writing lists everyday and then feeling all smug when I get to cross something off. (It is actually one of the most satisfying feelings ever.)

Today was accessories day. Fiddell the stylist banged them out in a couple of seconds for me- A Threads container and a usb lead -SO EDGY and really fitting in with the times and technology...

This was an actual bag i made today. I was browsing pinterest when i came across a little boys lunch in a little brown paper bag with a peg on it - so cute and it was love at first sight. I like the idea of having a see through bag - nothing to hide here ladz. I want some really big ones which you can tuck under the arm (Its a soft plastic so no bag cuts) and some smaller ones with either a white peg on it or a chunky bulldog clip.

All this organisation and hard work must have its rewards every now and then...so a glass of wine on a sunny evening is allowed...:)



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