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I have found these lovely big clips to fasten my bags with. It is like a weird combination of art class/police detective bag BUT I LIKE IT.

Weekend Studio

Being in uni 7 days a week can sound horrific (our social lives will suffer) but there are a few pluses...Apart from getting work done, on a Saturday it is only right to treat myself to a delicious brekkie from provadore on the way (the best in falmouth) This, and having an extra hour in bed on the weekend is the highlight of my week...I LOVE SLEEP..and breakfast! Another plus is being blinged up my prince prits. There is no such thing as too many jewels:) 

Also studying in Cornwall makes us very lucky that we can leave the studio and walk 5 minutes to this,  quite the stress reliever. (and quite tempting whenever we experience a peep of sunshine...) 



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