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 Last week was hectic, we had touchdown with student loans which meant a much needed trip to london town was needed! I got a tad bit over excited with the fabric and failed to think ahead with how I would lug this through London - nearly took a few innocent beings down in Zara with my VERY big, VERY heavy and rather unattractive shopper brimming with the heaviest jersey I could find. (trust me)  Now it's full steam ahead! Eeeeeeek!!

Here is my cwtchy, oversized, black number. It was inspired from cutting 2 huge squares and placing them on the body with 4 holes for the legs, arms and neck and then refining the shape into something wearable with a big comfy neck/hood. I am pairing it with a white bamboo slinky long sleeved layer underneath with thumb holes. Nice and Snuggly!

Also no day is complete without 100 tea breaks...it is medicine for the brain :)



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