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So the fashion show deadline is approaching super fast and it's about time I got a move on with thinking of styling and accessories. My collection is all jersey so it is all about comfort which seems to be a priority among most women these days. (Definitely me.) There are slinky pieces combined with over sized pieces that drape off the body, I want the femininity and sexiness to be down to the cut which is why I have chosen a flat shoe.I have found these welly shoes which I am going to spray a matte black and a matte white which will hopefully not have you looking like your off to do a spot of gardening. They are practical, VERY comfy and look a bit weird - which i like (They would also keep your feet completely dry and snug when the British weather does what it does best...wet shoes and socks are my biggest hate)
  They are £5.99 a pair which makes them all the more fantastic!! Trago you little angel you!



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