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So after the most stressful month of my life I AM NOW FREEEE (for a day) and I am choosing to spend it reading, drinking tea and feeling guilt free, BUT I am getting quite distracted by the window...as per usual. So after close window observation I cant help but notice how considerate this falmouth bunch are. Our bin, who is proving to be a free spirit and lover of the wind keeps blowing away and my tally chart stands at five for the amount of people that have walked past and picked it up...I should really go out and retrieve it but I am quite enjoying this flying bin, nice people business.

Anyway moving on..So with deadlines comings out of my ears it has proved to be quite a productive month.

Ive been working on my toile lineup towards final collection which has changed since I started and has evolved into something I really enjoy and love now. Ive been looking at Julian Roberts and his use of subtract pattern cutting. Pattern cutting has always been an enemy of mine and this has opened my eyes to such exciting things. So instead of using blocks Ive been doing the process a bit backwards and experimenting with fabric on the body and really going back to the basics and looking at the dimentions of garments. A t-shirt is 3 tubes, 4 holes. No one said it has to look like a standard tshirt it's just what we know and recognise. So i have been experimenting with this and changing proportions, positions of openings and so on and i have loved it.



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