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So, upon my return to Cornwall I almost forgot that I was studying a degree...And now it is the first day back of term and the amount of work I have to do is leading to minor heart palpitations..but then here I am reminising about how lovely christmas was and how it is my favourite time of the year because it is one day where you are allowed to do things that wouldn't usually be acceptable on any other day such as...
  • Eating chocolate before breakfast (I'll pick the celebrations over the satsuma and nuts in my stocking AS ITS A SPECIAL DAY)
  • Putting a ridiculas christmas collar on the cat and letting her go out to play knowing full well she will get bullied by big boots and little boots next door (The neighbour hood feline bullies) bless her!
  • Throwing balls of paper in all general directions...Reminds me of the teachers at school when they used to say "YOU WOULDNT THROW IT ON THE FLOOR AT HOME SO DONT THROW IT ON THE FLOOR AT SCHOOL!" Well actually on christmas day I do, sooooo....
  • Drinking wine at 1pm and not stopping till 1am
  • Wearing a crown at the dinner table
  • Eating your body weight in turkey and preparing yourself for a week bird dishes - turkey curry/ turkey sandwiches/turkey soup/turkey bubble and squeak etc
  • Telling jokes that are suddenly hilarious because of the wine already consumed
  • Filing your nails with your new plastic nail file (Cracker gifts never work)
  • Not putting a pair of shoes on all day - the day of christmas socks
  • Suffering from a slight food coma but still insisting on squeezing more in in the form of cheesecake
  • Wearing a jumper with a christmas pudding on it
  • Showing off your knowledge (I Wish) in a game of articulate...Its the wine that makes my memory bad I promise..
  • Making turkey sandwiches at 1am
  • Rolling to bed at early hours of the morning knowing this can't be done for another year.



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