free as a bird

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After having a very busy week where i nearly lost my head and sewed my fingers together I didnt think i would live to tell the tale...but here i am and its all done and dusted - HOORAAAY

So having this finished some good partying was in order and i think these pictures pretty much sum up the night...

Cider and whiskers makes the best nights.


continuous line drawings are a success.

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Its hard studying fashion and having a life...

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So So So much work i feel like my head is going to fall off, lots of fun though.

My Final 10 designs for shirtdress project...

heirloom - streamline

  • Based on a swallow pin my nan gave me
  • Looking at the birds body shape when in flight
  • Looking at a poem by Alberto Caeiro about how when birds pass they leave no trace, as other creatures leave tracks on the ground
  • Making shirtdress have as little seams (tracks) as possible as well as the shape of the bird. 

"Rather the flight of the bird passing and leaving no trace"


Life drawing.

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Still life has never been among my favorite ways to be creative, but looking at it from a different perspective is much easier and alot more fun. I much prefer making a mess this way:)

Monochrome Project

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Monochrome project - shirt - future heirloom - streamline



For my shirt project I chose future heirloom. I own a simple pin given to me by my nan that consists of just a tiny swallow which led me to look at birds and streamlining. My grandparents are the most wonderful people in the world and my biggest role models, which made it a pleasure doodling them into my sketchbook.


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