June Foodie Highlights

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Oi oi summer! London is actually the best place to be in the sunshine. Rooftop bars, bbq's and topless men throwing rugby balls on Clapham Common - hiya.

These were my best foodie bits in June:

Boozy Brunch Al Fresco
Nothing says summer like a jug of gin, especially one that's done at home and contains a litre of the strong stuff, big slices of juicy orange and mint from the garden. Cheers!

 Losing my sushi virginity
Yep, in my 27 years I'd never had sushi. I bloody loved it and now I'm up for letting the good times roll. (sushi roll, get it...)

Cahoots, Soho
Ok, so if you haven't been to Cahoots in Kingly Court you are seriously missing out. It's like being transported back to the London Underground in post war Britain, you can sip of cocktails, tap your foot to 1940's music and dream of having a roll and tuck hairstyle (or maybe that's just me.) It's the perfect spot for a date, you'll have a ca-Hoot.

Brickwood, Clapham Common
This is my favourite brunch spot in Clapham. I bloody love an Aussie brunch and this is the best of them. This was like all my favourite things on a plate. Sourdough, scrambled eggs, sweet potato, feta and pesto. Absolutely nailed it!

No BBQ will ever be the same again. Marinade your chicken in it, dip your burger in it, pour it in your mouth. Move over Heinz, I've got a new favourite.

Ben's Canteen, Earlsfield
The best of the South West. I'm all over Ben's Canteen, they do a cracking bottomless option and for you to avoid getting food envy, go for the fried chicken Benedict.

You're very welcome


Acai Breakfast Bowls with Sambazon

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I'm usually an eggs on toast with all the posh trimmings kinda gal, but I've always been intrigued by those colourful, purple bowls on my Instagram feed every morning.

WHAT IS IT?! I HEAR YOU CRY! Ohhh it's just a tiny, powerful berry grown in the heart of the most bio-dynamic ecosystem in the world, also known as acai, also known as a miraculous superfood by Sambazon.

Everyone knows I'm a fan of savory buddha bowls, so this is my sweet, breakfast version of that delicious creation.

you will need:
  • 1 Frozen acai sachet
  • Drop of coconut water
  • handful of fresh raspberries 
  • 1/2 banana 
  • Frozen summer berries
  • Chia Seeds
  • Toasted coconut chips 

How to:

(This is literally the quickest easiest recipe in the world!)
  • Run your acai pouch under water to break it up a little
  • Pop into the blender with your frozen berries and a drop of coconut water
  • Top with your fresh raspberries, chia seeds, banana and coconut chips to make sure its instagram ready
  • Voila!

Packed with powerful antioxidants and healthy omegas for a sweeeeeeet start to the day. 


April and May Foodie Highlights

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I blinked and May was over, here's to a foodie backlog.

The Optimist, Swansea
I could happily smash a pot of hummus a day and the Optimist made my hummus dreams come true with their falafel poke bowl.

Hoppers, Soho
This is firmly up their with my favourite discoveries in London. The food is Sri Lankan and it's I.N.S.A.N.E. The vegetable kathu roti was my favourite and the tequila cocktails are too good to just stop at one. Go today and thank me later.

Dip and Flip, Clapham
Do you agree that everything is better dipped in gravy? Yorkshire puddings, chips, BEEF BURGERS. A flippin' fabulous burger with a side of gravy for dunking. Dream.

Cocktails in the City, One Marylebone
I headed to Cocktails in the City which is a showcase of London's best bars who have collaborated with a drinks brand. I've really gotten into whiskey recently and so I went to have a swigg with Roe and Co Whiskey who had teamed up with the Bloomsbury club. The George Collins cocktail was a winner for me, it had caramelised chestnut mushrooms in it meaning that it was one of my five a day. (Five cocktails a day...) Ta George!

Tart, Clapham
The sun shone for like an hour in April and the whole of London lost their shit, then it rained but we were all too stubborn to go indoors. The good thing about this is that I discovered Tart in Clapham and they can certainly deliver on tho #avotoast front.

The Ned, Bank
Ned, Ned, Ned I love you more than roast potatoes. I tried their Sunday feast and it's actually the best thing in the world. It's a buffet with brunch, seafood, salads, a roast and a whole lot of desserts, and you can eat as much as you like for 2 hours. It's £45 per person and you get a glass of prosecco too. highly recommend!

Gin & Juice, Cardiff
Every time I visit Cardiff I discover something new and this time it was Gin & Juice. The sweetest little gin bar run by the same people as Barkers Tea Room. 25 Brecon Gin & tonic's pls.

Early Bird, Cardiff
My favourite brunch spot in the Diff. Don't worry brie happy is my dream on toast. Mushrooms and melty brie on the thickest piece of toast you can imagine.

The Ship, Wandsworth
Because there ain't nothing better than a Sunday roast to prep you for Ship Sundays. 

Street Pizza, Bank

Neverland, Fulham 
If you can't escape to the seaside this summer, just head to Fulham instead. Aperols, deck chairs and posh boys promised. 

Summer is well on the way and I'm living for the roof top vibes, Aperol Spritz and dodgy tan lines. I can see hair of the dog x 92 coming on...


March Foodie Highlights

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March, the month of mini eggs, hot cross buns and tight jeans.

These were my best bits:

Bread Ahead, Sloane Square
Doughnuts have never really been my thing, I used to find them a waste of calories until I moved to London, and this is why... 

I got chocolate on my phone, my entire face and probably the walls, but it was worth it.

Tracklements, Hot Mustard ketchup
Believe me when I say that bacon sandwiches will never be the same again. Amen to Tracklements for creating the Hot Mustard Ketchup that should be a staple in every household fridge.

The Crown, Battersea
There is nothing us British love more than a good pub, and there is nothing I love more than a neon light. The Crown in Battersea has re-opened and it's better than ever. 

Crosstown doughnuts
I am almost certain these are the best doughnuts in the world AND they now have a whole vegan shop that has opened up in Marylebone. I recommend the Chocolate truffle one, it will seriously change your life.

Taco Tuesday, Leicester Square Kitchen
Two margaritas and TEN soft and hard shell taco’s each (I highly recommend the veggie chicken soft taco.) The perfect date night in the heart of Leicester Square. TGIT.

Bord Bia, The Irish Embassy
I just thought the Irish did Guinness and Whiskey and that was it. Who knew they did gin too? And some of the best gin I’ve had in a long time. I went along to The Irish Embassy with the Irish food board, Bord Bia, and enjoyed an evening of whiskey, gin and hearty Canapes (and not just cheese on a stick - a whole beef burger was one of the canapes.) Ireland, please come back again soon.

Eat by Chloe, Covent Garden 
Vegan fast food without the guilt and the best neon light in town. I feel like vegan burgers aren’t the easiest thing to get right, but this was soo right. 

Rag & Bone, Swansea
Once upon a time Swansea's brunch game was poor, but in the last year or so some absolute corkers have popped up and  Rag & Bone is one of them. I went for the special which was a sausage patty, bacon, poached egg and hollandaise on a toasted muffin. Perfection. 

April, what you sayin?

February Foodie Highlights

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Jikoni, Marylebone
One of Marylebone's finest brunch spots. Make sure you try the chickpea chips!

May Fair Terrace, Mayfair
I found the most instagramable spot in London and it's tucked in the terrace of The May Fair Hotel.

Monmouth Kitchen, Covent Garden
Literally the best arancini balls I have ever had in my life. Cheers to that.

Elan Cafe, Mayfair
Possibly the most famous flower wall in the whole of Instagram. Like anywhere totally fabulous in London you will probably have to queue, so sneak here mid-week and get a take away instead. The tumeric latte's are bloody lovely. 

Radio Rooftop, The Strand
We got lucky and went here when there was some rare February sun. It's at the top of Me Hotel on The Stand and has some of the best London views (of the skyline and afternoon tea...)

Be At One, Battersea
Did you know this teeny, little bar in Battersea was the first ever Be At One? They've had a swanky new makeover and I went to toast espresso martini's with them on their re-opening night. They sure know how to make a good cocktail (and neon light)

The Good Life Eatery, Marylebone
Welcome to the good life indeed. This is my favourite place to munch on the good stuff when I'm in Sloane Square or Marylebone. This one they call so fresh, so clean an it's so delicious. 

London Grind, London Bridge
When you're wishing winter away, there is only one thing for it. Aperol Spritz at London Grind.

29 Battersea West, Battersea Power Station
This is certainly one to watch, it's from the same people as No 197 Chiswick Fire Station and No 32 in Clapham and I already love it. TIP: They also have a cracking brunch menu. 

I am totally fed up of winter now, I'd like sunshine and Pimm's and I'd like it now.



Going Dairy Free for a bit...

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Hi I'm Jade and I live on Latte's and cheese and this is why I have come to Dairyholics Anonymous.

Ok, I'm not that bad, but I do bloody love halloumi...

I have tried to give up dairy numerous times before and I have also failed numerous times before. Almost every health book I own talks about the negative effect that having a lot of dairy can have on your body, so I thought I would actually give it a proper go for a few weeks.

I usually surrender when it comes to coffee and the sweet stuff, so these are the best alternatives I have found:

Alpro Oat Milk
Who knew you could milk an oat? When you walk down a milk aisle nowadays you are inundated with a gazillion different cartons of all sorts of milk substitutes. I've tried a lot of them and I find oat milk is the nicest in coffee (the Alpro one especially) which is the most important thing for me. Who knows what they will get milk out of next...

Turmeric Latte's
I am obsessed with turmeric latte's made with coconut milk. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and has been used as a spice and medicinal herb in India for thousands of years. It's best to make them yourself so you know there is no unnecessary sugar added, but if you are out and about, Pret and Cafe Elan do lovely ones.

Montezuma Absolute Black chocolate
I eat chocolate everyday and I mainly love the dark stuff, but I couldn't believe how many brands of dark chocolate still had dairy in. This one is 100% cocoa and it's delish.

Booja Booja
This is the best discovery of my life, let alone my dairy-free experience. It's made with 4 simple ingredients - water, cashews, agave and cocoa and it is FABULOUS. It's insanely chocolatey and not even bad for you....

Yep, they're vegan. The Dream. 

Liva's Kitchen Raw Millionaire Shortbread Bites
I found that within the first week of cutting  out dairy my taste buds changed a little, I had tried these before and wasn't keen as they didn't taste that sweet, but I gave them another shot and loved them. They are made with oat flour, dates and dark chocolate and go perfectly with a cup of coffee.

So I haven't actually found it that difficult to cut out dairy and I'm feeling great and have so much more energy. I' m not planning to cut it out completely but I'm definitely on the hunt for healthier alternatives.

Go on give it a go to see if you feel better, I dairy you



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I've just come back from the most incredible 3 weeks in Australia. Now that's a country that has their brunch all figured out. If you're heading Down Under any time soon, this is what I would suggest in Sydney and Melbourne.


The Well in Bondi. I love how easy it is to eat well in Australia, you will find this gym/cafe right opposite Bondi beach, it's the perfect hideaway for when you start feeling crispy on the beach. I also used the gym here and it was class, the views are amazing and the Dyson hairdryers are even better.

Altitude at the Shangri-la. If you're looking to impress or simply love very, very good food then head here for fine dining and the best views of Sydney. They also have a bar on the same floor where you can sip on cocktails and feel fancy AF.

The Bucket List in Bondi. There is literally nothing better than boozing overlooking the beach, it's even better when it's Bondi Beach and it's full of hotties with surfboards.

To see:
The Bondi to Coogee walk is an absolute must. Take plenty of water, a bikini and a book for when you get to Coogee and make a day of it. Also don't forget to Instagram your pics of The Bondi Icebergs (below) to make all your friends at home jealous.

To do:
I did the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and it was amazing, the views are incredible and you learn a lot of quirky facts about the Bridge and the city. Guess who knows how many rivets are in the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Me. (I can't actually remember now but I did know...)

To Stay: 
£££ - Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel - comfiest pillows in the world, a cracking breakfast and super close to the shopping district and the harbour where you will find the Bridge and the Opera House. 

£ - Bounce Hostel - cheap, clean, central and full of  fun people who want to get drunk. What more could you ask for?


Dr Jekyll in St Kilda. As you may already know, I love brunch and I have eaten a lot of them. Here is my advice: Pumpkin dumplings on avocado toast. 

If there is anywhere you go for dinner in Melbourne make it Lucy Liu. I recommend the tasting menu. You can get 5 or 7 courses and they surprise you with a selection of dishes. I am a sucker for a steamed bun and these were the best of the best.

Ponyfish Island. Drinking beer (or gin) on a boat overlooking the river? It's a yes from me. Always.

St Kilda Dispensary. Popped in here to pick up my prescription. Biggest latte you can find please, Doc. The Aussie's know how to make a good cup of coffee and this was my favourite one. 

To See:
Melbourne reminded me a lot of East London, you can get lost down little graffiti laden streets for hours and stumble across hundreds of coffee shops and bars.

It really is the best place in the world.

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