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I've just come back from the most incredible 3 weeks in Australia. Now that's a country that has their brunch all figured out. If you're heading Down Under any time soon, this is what I would suggest in Sydney and Melbourne.


The Well in Bondi. I love how easy it is to eat well in Australia, you will find this gym/cafe right opposite Bondi beach, it's the perfect hideaway for when you start feeling crispy on the beach. I also used the gym here and it was class, the views are amazing and the Dyson hairdryers are even better.

Altitude at the Shangri-la. If you're looking to impress or simply love very, very good food then head here for fine dining and the best views of Sydney. They also have a bar on the same floor where you can sip on cocktails and feel fancy AF.

The Bucket List in Bondi. There is literally nothing better than boozing overlooking the beach, it's even better when it's Bondi Beach and it's full of hotties with surfboards.

To see:
The Bondi to Coogee walk is an absolute must. Take plenty of water, a bikini and a book for when you get to Coogee and make a day of it. Also don't forget to Instagram your pics of The Bondi Icebergs (below) to make all your friends at home jealous.

To do:
I did the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and it was amazing, the views are incredible and you learn a lot of quirky facts about the Bridge and the city. Guess who knows how many rivets are in the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Me. (I can't actually remember now but I did know...)

To Stay: 
£££ - Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel - comfiest pillows in the world, a cracking breakfast and super close to the shopping district and the harbour where you will find the Bridge and the Opera House. 

£ - Bounce Hostel - cheap, clean, central and full of  fun people who want to get drunk. What more could you ask for?


Dr Jekyll in St Kilda. As you may already know, I love brunch and I have eaten a lot of them. Here is my advice: Pumpkin dumplings on avocado toast. 

If there is anywhere you go for dinner in Melbourne make it Lucy Liu. I recommend the tasting menu. You can get 5 or 7 courses and they surprise you with a selection of dishes. I am a sucker for a steamed bun and these were the best of the best.

Ponyfish Island. Drinking beer (or gin) on a boat overlooking the river? It's a yes from me. Always.

St Kilda Dispensary. Popped in here to pick up my prescription. Biggest latte you can find please, Doc. The Aussie's know how to make a good cup of coffee and this was my favourite one. 

To See:
Melbourne reminded me a lot of East London, you can get lost down little graffiti laden streets for hours and stumble across hundreds of coffee shops and bars.

It really is the best place in the world.


November Foodie Highlights

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Remember, remember, I got fat in November.

These are you best foodie bits in November: 

Day of the Dead, Leicester Square Kitchen
Because I wish everyday could include tequila cocktails and mini tacos.

26 Grains, Covent Garden
The best of brunch was had at 26 Grains in Neals Yard. Avo on toast with a side of
halloumi can't be beaten. Ever.

Isabel’s, Mayfair
This sleek little hideaway can be easily missed in Mayfair so keep an eye out, she’s a beauty.

At The Hampshire Lounge Bar, Leicester Square
The festive season is well and truly underway and the bubble waffles from The Winter Lodge are actually the best things on earth.

The Devonshire, Balham
Sunday done right at The Devonshire.

 Bourne and Hollingsworth, Clerkenwell 

Dreamy interiors and gin bloody Mary's. It's a yes from me. If you’re looking for a bottomless brunch place with the gals, this is the one.

The Rookery, Clapham
I’ve walked past this place in Clapham a million times, they do a cracking roast and absolutely smashed the humble roast potato.

The School House, Battersea
Who said that bottomless brunches are just for the day? Enjoy 2 hours of bottomless bubbles with dinner and make your own bellini's and mimosas at the table.

Balham Bowles Club, Balham
The best roast I have had in a very long time, well played Balham.

Padella, London Bridge
We meet again. Padella never disappoints and is still firmly at the top of my London list.

Mince Pie Croissant, Pauls
Sweet baby Jesus in a manger, the 2 best things on earth have been combined to make the most fantastic breakfast pastry. I’ll take 10 plz.

The Prince, West Brompton
Pergola's posh little sister has popped up in West Brompton and she's a corker. Make sure you get Patty and Bun, it's worth braving the queue for.


October Foodie Highlights

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Can you believe it's November? - said every British Person.

Now I feel like the spiral into holiday obesity can finally start...

These are my October foodie highlights:

Kensington Farmers Market
There is no bad day that can't be solved with pasta, and this is one of the best you will find. 

The Kitty Hawk Back Room, The City
There is always time for charcuterie and wine on a school night and this is where it's at.

Soho House, Shoreditch 
Because the avo on toast was always going to be the best in London.

Kerb Camden 
Kerb Camden is back and better and more delicious than ever.

Bronte, Trafalgar Square
A whole gin menu is what I'm talking about. A little in love with Bronte.

Nova Food, Victoria 
Give me an Aussie-inspired brunch any day. This is one of my best discoveries yet. Brunchers, get it on your list.

Good & Proper Tea, Leather Lane 
And I just thought butter belonged on crumpets. Wrong. Butternut squash and feta was the absolute boy, all washed down with a cracking cuppa.

Be at One, Oxford Street
 In the wise words of Be At One - Life is what you mix it. Amen.

Pizza Express
Vegans, Rejoice! Pizza Express have nailed the vegan pizza. Read about my vegan pizza making here.

Now that November is here, GIVE ME THE MINCE PIES.
Any idea where the best ones in London are hiding?


Cheese, Kale and Chilli Jam Toasties

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I am a sucker for anything that includes bread and I truly consider toasties to be one of the best things on earth.

Say hello to my cheese, kale and chilli jam toasties, suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snack times in between.

You will need:
  • sourdough bread
  • salted butter
  • grated mature cheddar cheese
  • kale 
  • salt
  • olive oil
  • Tracklements fresh chilli jam

How to:
  • Pop a handful of kale in the oven for about 5 mins to make it crispy. Put a generous helping of salt and olive oil on it before crisping.
  • Butter your bread on both sides 
  • chilli jam the insides of your bread 
  • put the cheese on
  • add the crispy kale 
  • jam it shut and toast (either in a toastie maker or with a good frying pan and weight)
  • pour yourself a cup of tea 
  • tuck in and enjoy with some extra chilli jam for dunking!
 Super easy, super quick and bloody lovely.

Let's raise a toast(ie) to that.


Going Vegan at Pizza Express

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Pizza is one of my favourite things in life. For me, it's usually covered with pepperoni and smothered in cheese, so when Pizza Express invited me in to try their new vegan range that launched over summer, I was intrigued. I'm not vegan but I have played with the idea before, it's the cheese thing that gets me every time. Imagine a pizza without cheese....

WELL, Pizza Express has nailed the cheese dilemma for us worriers. 

A few of us gathered in the new, fancy Gloucester Road restaurant for a night of dough balls, vegan pizza making and wine drinking.

I have done one of the pizza making parties before and they are so fun! You get to make your pizza from scratch and put on as many toppings as you like, which naturally I did very well...

I packed mine with spinach, mushrooms, mixed peppers, jalapenos, onion chutney, those small little sweet peppers and vegan cheese. It's really crumbly but melts like a dream.

They spoke to us about the process of introducing vegan products to the menu and listening to how much work went into launching the range was amazing. The process took so long but they didn't want to rush launching something until it was flawless. 

So once being a chef was done, it was time to drink wine and tuck into our tasty creations. 

Being 100% honest, it's probably the best pizza I've had in a long time. I rarely go meat free when I go out for pizza but I was so impressed with this. 

and of course, after all things savoury, you need something sweet. I went for coconut sorbet that went down a treat. 


September Foodie Highlights

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My birthday month always tends to be the best month ever, naturally.

Here's my best foodie bits:

Brown & Green Cafe, Crystal Palace

This place never disappoints. Hearty yet healthy and very delicious.

Padella, London Bridge
Hands down the best pasta in London. This has firmly put itself at the top of my favourite restaurant list and I can't see it moving any time soon.

Crosstown Doughnuts. Spitalfields
Once you go Crosstown you never go back. Make sure you get the the chocolate one with truffle chocolate in the middle, it's to die for.

Tonight Josephine, Waterloo
I'm sure you've seen the light on every girls Instagram? coolest bar in London with a cracking happy hour.

The Ivy Market Grill, Covent Garden
Because it's rude not to celebrate birthdays with a glass of something fizzy.

Canna Deli, Cardiff
I feel like this is the go-to place for brunch in Cardiff now. I had the Brixton brunch which was smashed avo, halloumi and a poached egg on toast - dream.

Brod, Cardiff
Danish pastries, coffee and the best company. It's a yes from me, always.

Brava, Cardiff
After one too many G&T's, there's only one thing for it. Bravo Brava.

Scoff and Banter Tea Rooms, Oxford Street.
An afternoon tea like no other. A twist on the usual, you can order sticky beef and eggs royale as well as your mini scones and sweet treats.

I had the best time in Ibiza, read all about it here.

The Sky Garden, The City
Set your alarm early and head to The Sky Garden for coffee and cake. It's the best way to start a Saturday.

The Breakfast Club. Spitalfields
A breakfast worthy of the queue.

Sketch, Mayfair
The only place where it's acceptable to take a toilet selfie. Sketch is a very special place, everything from the menu's to the scent is on point. If you have a special occasion coming up, make sure it's at Sketch.

29 Power Station West
This is the best bacon sandwich I've ever had. It had cheese and mushrooms in it and i almost died after every mouthful. Battersea, look out.

It's safe to say my jeans are a little tight, but it's ok, we're heading into oversized jumper season...

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